[Review] The Supremacy Witch by Marion Mavis

At first I thought i had found the kind of Fantasy Book i was looking for since i had fallen out of Love with the Books by Sarah J Maas, but the second half of the Book had some Plot Twists, that didnt all land well with me. The Book was published in 2018 and this is what it is about:

Being exiled from her coven is the least of Evelyn’s problems.
Although only passed her sixteenth summer, Evelyn is considered to be one of the most powerful witches in the entire realm. With her magic comes the honour of being chosen as the next coven leader. Unfortunately one unlawful use of magic costs her the life she always dreamed of.
But perhaps leaving her sheltered life behind was the best thing for her. As she sees the world of witches in a new light, she learns more about her own magic. Powers that go beyond those of even a Supremacy witch. Evelyn is a clairvoyant, a gift not many have come to possess.
And thanks to the soul-selling shadow dealer known as The Eckle, Evelyn learns that witches from both sides are after her because of it. Now she is forced to make uncertain alliances with those wielding corrupt magic — some of it being her own. (Source: Goodreads)

The Characters

With this Book i actually liked the side Characters more than the Main Characters. Of Course Evelyn is a interesting, strong female Protagonist on paper. But to me, she got too powerful throughout the Book. Where are the obstacles when you are the most special and strong witch of all?

Most of the side characters were my favourites. Jackson, a coven member, who can read minds, Mae, a young dark witch with just the right Balance of Evil and Humour, the Healer Witch Flora and her Friend Robbie, the Guard Marcus, who is also a Healer, Maria, who surpasses all thoughts of what a dark witch should be. Most amazing werent just those Characters as individuals, but also their Relationsships. Usually it takes me a bit of time to get to know the Characters, the world and magic. This Time, i already felt like i was in the Middle of the Book within the first Chapter. I instantly felt the Dynamic, Past and Present between the Friends, Enemies or Strangers and that was so great!

Throughtout the Book, there is all Kinds of magic. The one of Auras was the most interesting to me besides mind-reading. Of Course it is a bit of plot device to show the Reader how a certain character is, but it also is a very interesting tool to determine the difference between how others view a character and how a character truly is.

The Plot

Yes, the Book is fast paced, which is great. But in the Beginning and at certain Plot Points, i thought it was too fast, too short, to superficial. Like the Author wanted to get it over with and to the next Point. Especially when it Comes down to stuff like Betrayals, i would like to see that more fleshed out. You dont just in a second decide to leave your Friend behind and thats it, thats the whole Scene. I wanted more.

Also towards the End in the second half, there were a few Plot Twists, there felt a bit forced, out of the blue and didnt make too much sense. I feel the Book would have been fine without those Twists, but atleast one was done the right way in the end. I unfortunately cant be more specific to not spoil anything.

The writing was great, Marion Mavis knows how to write some Epic lines and the endings to each chapter were always a great conclusion.


A great Fantasy Debut with likeable Characters and an interesting Setup for the second Book in the Trilogy. It is a Good Book about Loyality and Friendship, Love and Family and that the World isnt just black and white. Im Looking forward to joining the Gang again!

Favourite Line

„Shes got a flair for the dramatic.“ (73 % in the E-Book)

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